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  1. A mother of a client contacted me today had a meeting at school and there was amazing news in favor of the client’s performance. Thanks to Antonia F (RBT) for the excellent work you are doing.
    A client’s mother

  2. Excellent work Susel (RBT) this is how the client’s mother expresses it: Hello, good afternoon Well, very well, he no longer cries, he participates very well in his meals, he makes them alone, we are very happy with Susel Both at school and Susel are working on the same thing, he is trying of vocalizing more I feel that it is progressing quite well and for the better

  3. Taimi P (RBT) yesterday the client’s mother could not be more proud and happy when she reviewed the client’s school behavior report and saw the progress described by the teacher. Thanks Taimi

  4. to Yanaila (RBT) earlier today I received some messages from a client’s mother illustrating how happy she is with the client’s progress specifically in her social interaction with peers. Excellent Yanaila RBT and Dayanis BCaBA

  5. Client mother wrote Hello, good afternoon A’ZUL ABA, happy day of love and friendship. I am totally grateful to your team, I am totally happy with the progress my son has made, you can’t imagine how many times I cried when I saw the progress he has made, I always dreamed of hearing my child’s voice or for my child to go to the bathroom or for my child to be a little independent and look today all those dreams are coming true, today Matt doesn’t stop talking, and I am a totally happy and proud mother from my Child Thanks to you, Eiliz (BCBA) and Darilys (RBT) They are the best team Every time you ask me what is the name of the company that gives me therapies with my eyes closed and without thinking twice I recommend it to you and I give you all the information because the team they have is the best

  6. The mother of a client wrote to me Hello A’Zul ABA, just thanking me for the progress my son has made, thank you very much. Thank you very much Yetel C RBT and Eiliz BCBA for all your work.”

  7. A client’s mother sends thanks to A’Zul ABA Therapy, especially her therapist and analyst Dayanis (BCaBA)! Thanks to your entire team!!!

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